About Us

What we do

We have a holistic approach to skin and wellness at Skin Moment. We respect the skin barrier function and look at the genuine skin health from the outside in. We remove gadgets and gimmicks of the modern beauty industry and go back to basics - by focusing on the benefits of high touch manual massage to promote healthy skin and ease tensions. A manual facial massage promotes oxygen and blood flow, increases collagen production, tones and defines facial muscles, reduces puffiness and leaves your skin glowing.

We believe in protecting your Stratum Corneum layers to strengthen your skin barrier function. Instead of stripping away the necessary outer layers of your skin and put you at risk of pre-mature ageing, we instead protect the nature shield of the skin and help to retain the moisture. Maintaining the moisture in your skin’s outer layers helps to reduce skin clogging and inflammation and strengthen your skin to be more resilient to Ultraviolet light and other environmental damage.


Meet Lola

Facialist & Studio Manager

Lola loves and thrives off of taking care of people and making them feel good. She believes there is a sort of energy exchange in what she does, and that if she’s brings positive, kind energy to her day, that it transmits to her clients through flowing and nurturing massage movements. She spends lots of her time with her English Bulldog Gavin. But when she does force herself out of dog mum duties, she loves exploring New Zealand through walks and believes there is no shame in eating a cheeseboard as a main meal.


Meet Bonnie

Facialist & Content Creator

Other than doing facials, Bonnie also takes care of the digital side of the business. Bonnie likes meditation, breathwork and yoga. She is passionate about minimal skincare and looking after your skin from your inner world. At weekends, Bonnie likes to go skydiving, scuba diving and bouldering or trying out new activities she’s never done before and connecting with nature.