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Janesce Perfecting Gel

Janesce Perfecting Gel

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A powerfully hydrating plant-based serum for natural skincare

A beautiful face serum offering a powerful burst of hydration for lack-lustre, dry or sun damaged skin. This light, rose-fresh gel contains plant-based hyaluronan to trap moisture in the skin and plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for: all skin types, especially dehydrated

How to use: 

  • First soak, mist and apply a Janesce concentrate.
  • Pump 1-2 drops of Perfecting Gel onto fingertips and massage into face and neck area.
  • Immediately follow with a Janesce moisturiser to seal the hydration into the skin.
  • Or/and as a Natural Eye Treatment. Janesce serums can be safely used around the eye area. In fact, it is beneficial to do so! Serums provide a lovely light eye-treatment for night time use. Daytime application helps the fine tissue around the eyes to hold onto moisture, softening fine lines and wrinkles.

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